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RN, Certified Clinical Thermographer CCT

My name is Breanne, I am the owner and clinician of Guardian Thermography. I am Registered Nurse with 12+ years of experience. After spending a few years at home raising my family and trying to have a more holistic approach to life, I started to learn more about preventative and natural medicine. I myself had a thermography scan and realized how beneficial they can be. My mission is to bring this non-invasive scan to as many people as I can to help with earlier detection and prevention of diseases.  As a registered nurse my passion is helping people and giving them the tools to be the best version of themselves.

I am happy you came across my page and encourage you to reach out with any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) (Thermography) creates images that illustrate heat patterns in the body. This is done by a digital camera that records heat that is emitted off of the body. The camera reads the temperature and creates a picture for us. The pictures are interpreted for any abnormal heat patterns, which could be a sign of disease. It is important to note that Medical Thermology Practitioners are trained and licensed to interpret these scans.

Do not confuse us with Non-Medically licensed alternative Practitioners who may also offer Thermography but are not licensed to interpret them.

Taking A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

The process of thermography includes taking a thermal image of your body, or a portion of your body. Using an infrared camera, we can identify thermal patterns throughout your body. These observed patterns can be indicative of breast health, lymphatic health, dental challenges, sinus and allergy issues, digestive disorders, cardiovascular health, hormone imbalance, back pain and much more. 


Thermal imaging provides valuable information about what is going on inside your body. You’ve probably read that inflammation is at the root of most disease. Thermography is ideal for identifying inflammation in our bodies and identifying patterns.

The strength of thermography is the ability to monitor change over time. Before we can monitor change, we must establish an accurate baseline for you. One health scan imaging study cannot provide an accurate baseline so we strive to have two studies done in a 3 month to 6 month period so that we can ensure that your body’s physiology is suitable to be used as a normal baseline. The importance of this baseline cannot be emphasized enough. 

EveryBODY is unique and has their own unique thermal pattern. By establishing a health scan imaging baseline, you are able to monitor your progress with yearly thermography. 

Herbal Remedies
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Inflammation is a precursor to many types of diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, etc. Early detection of inflammation may help prevent many negative health issues in the future. Thermography is a proactive and preventative method for detecting diseases.

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Thermography is able to assess inflammation in the Carotid Arteries, which could be a precursor to stroke and blood clots. If inflammation or an occlusion of the carotid artery is visible, additional testing is highly recommended.


Thermography is known for breast scans, but there is so much more it can do! It can detect arthritis early on, treatment can be established to help before further degeneration occurs. Back and neck pain show up as red or white. This can help an individual target the source of their pain. Thermography can detect Sinus Inflammation, TMJ, gum disease, and infected teeth. The immune system can be observed at the levels of T1 & T2 in the spine. Levels of heat in that region can indicate immune dysfunction, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and aching joints. Digestive disorders such as IBS, Diverticulitis and Chron's Disease are often visible in Thermal Imaging. Address Inflammation in your gut early on and restoring your health is much more likely.

Thermography is the only method available for visualizing pain and pathology in the body and an advanced tool for detecting diseases and monitoring response to treatment.

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General Information About My Business

I am a Certified Clinical Thermographer. I received my certification through, 
Thermography Solutions Group. 
The camera that I use for the scans is a MediTherm camera-
Scans are then summitted to MDs for interpretation.

General Information About My Business

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Please visit this website for some additional information on thermography!

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